How to Protect Your Floors from Furniture

thumbnail How to Protect Your Floors from Furniture


Playing quite a significant and large part in respect of your property’s aesthetic, your floors play a vital role. You must take particular precautions to prevent shaking in this sense.

When looked at in this way, we see that numerous pieces of furniture have harmed our home’s floor. Our floors’ deteriorated appearance and diminished functionality over time cause structural instability in our home and decrease its lifespan.

To take the necessary precautions in this direction, by following the 5 basic rules stated in this article, you can prolong the life of both your floor and furniture and prevent them from being damaged.

Rule #1: Don’t Be Rude to Both the Furniture & the Floor!

First of all, try to treat both your furniture and the floor politely and adequately in order not to shorten the lifespan on both sides and to ensure good use in this context. What I mean by that is, never leave your furniture from a height, throw it or drag it on the ground, no matter how solid your floor is, during difficult processes such as moving or renovation. 

In this way, you shorten not only the life of your furniture but also your floor, as well as cause a negative angle in appearance. So first of all, be kind to your furniture to protect your floors!

Rule #2: The Savior of Everything: Furniture Pads

You can take advantage of furniture pads as support products as you take the first step. These types of products not only have a function to prevent your floor from being scratched, broken, or aged but also offer convenience against furniture during moving or replacement. 

Furniture pads are composed of materials such as rubber and have a slippery texture in terms of material and surface. Since it is very useful in such cases, you can prevent your furniture from damaging the floor thanks to these types of products.

Supportively, with these pads that you put on the legs of your furniture, both the floor will become sheltered, and the furniture can be easily moved or relocated thanks to that keg of the furniture supported by the pads that become slippery due to friction.

Rule #3: Rugs & Carpets Are Your Floor Barrier!

How to Protect Your Floors from Furniture, rug

When it’s not just about moving or relocating things, you can use rugs or carpets as a strong barrier on your floor. Supportively, when you cover any exposed parts of your floor, especially under the furniture, with the help of a carpet or rug, you will see that scratches or bruises will vanish over time.

In line with this method, you will not only extend the life of your floor but also provide a very pleasant appearance in your home. Moreover, thanks to this method, you can protect your floors from furniture and sudden accidents.

To choose the appropriate carpet, you should choose one that is suitable for the size as well as the material of your floor. In addition, if you support the bottom of your carpets with non-slippery pads, you can create a much safer area.

Rule #4: Make Choices for Wheeled Furniture

You can prevent your belongings from damaging your floor thanks to the fact that the furniture, especially bookshelves, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, and similar furniture that can be heavy and moved frequently, generally has wheels. In this way, with items that can be easily moved from point A to point B, you can relocate frequently and create a flexible home decoration atmosphere.

As a point to be considered in this context, you should make sure that these wheels are reliable and choose non-metal wheels to get much more guaranteed results.

Rule #5: Let Your Floor Breathe!

Just like many structural materials, you should allow your floor to breathe to prevent factors that can damage your floor and your home, such as dirt, dust, or bacteria that can accumulate in the spaces or gaps between your ground.

That is, the lack of air in the gaps due to being on heavy and large-volume furniture for a long time will cause the floor to absorb moisture and dump, as well as cause it to wear out immediately and shorten its life.

As a solution to this problem, your furniture should be pulled over the floor at certain time intervals, and the floor should be allowed to breathe. Therefore, you can provide a much more hygienic and guaranteed use by cleaning.


In conclusion,  your floors, which cover a very important and wide area in terms of the appearance of your home, play a very crucial role from the moment your feet touch the ground. It is necessary to take certain measures in your home not to shake this solidity, as its basis is solidity.

When examined in this direction, we witness that many pieces of furniture damage the floor of our house. The fact that our floors, which are scratched and worn over time, are not appealing to the eye and even lose their function shakes not only the structure of our house but also shortens its life.

That is why this article was produced on this very important subject, it has tried to explain what steps and progress can be made to protect our floors.

As a result, with the use of materials such as pads, carpets, or rugs, situations such as moving or relocating goods will provide very easy use and will not damage the floor. In addition, much more guaranteed results can be obtained in line with the preferences of wheeled furniture and the ventilation of the floor.

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