BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with Eva Foam Interlocking Tiles Review

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In the developing modern age, applying the most practical and authentic version of everything has become a trend, as comfort is given importance.

This context also includes the ground on which we set foot on the floor. What I mean by all these is that there are many floor mats and interlocking tiles in the market. As we want the environment we live in to be quite advanced in terms of functionality, we pay attention to the fact that these types of products can complete certain criteria.

In this direction, I can say that it is a very comfortable and ergonomic product to use and supply all these criteria, as I will examine in more detail below. Unlike traditional and clichés tiles, it does not hold moisture, and, in addition to its double-sided feature, it also gives its users a plus in many plus aspects.

Brand BalanceFrom
Color Black
Material Vinyl
Size ½” Thick, 144 S.F.
Included Components 36 Pieces Puzzle Mats
Sport Type All
Product Care Instructions Water, Soap
Item Dimensions L x W x H 23.62 x 23.62 x 0.39 Inches
Item Weight 30 Pounds
Pros Cons
Non-slip Surface Easily picking up Marks & Stains
Double-sided Not fully Water-Resistant
Lightweight & Easy to Assemble Heavy Equipment Leave Permanent Indentations in the Pads
Moisture Resistant Not many Available Appealing Colour & Design Patterns

Why and Who Choose This Product?

You can make the floor of a small cottage comfortable and cozy thanks to this product, which satisfies its users with its wide and flexible usage area and its comfortable and easy use, as it makes its 4 basic features shine.

What is more, BalanceFrom interlocking tiles, which guarantees comfort in many subjects thanks to its thick structure, offers practicality and authenticity in many subjects, whether on the floor of your office or in the classroom.

With this product, which is open to requests and purposes in many areas, from dog training pads to children’s playgrounds, from physical education lessons to exercise hall, you will be able to benefit from a nice and soft tile suitable for every use.

Features of BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with Eva Foam Interlocking Tiles

Easy & Practical to Use

In addition to its light structure, the BalanceFrom interlocking tiles, which can be easily transported and installed and also detachable, offers a very practical and easy quality in terms of use.

That is to say, no matter how thick it is, it has very lightweight and provides a lot of convenience to its users. Along with this, being easily intertwined with its puzzle form, it does not cause any problems in terms of assembly. Moreover, it is also very easy and practical to disassemble. In other words, it will not present you with any difficulties in your moving or redecoration works!

In addition to this feature, thanks to its moisture-resistant and non-slippery feature, it provides easy cleaning and does not cause any accidents such as slipping during the use process. And again, thanks to its moisture-resistant surface, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Noting all these, these mats, which can be easily interlocked, can stand together very tightly without leaving any looseness or gaps between them. In this context, it provides a practical mat use experience without being detached during the usage process.

Comfortable & Fully Functional 

With its 1/2″ thick structure just mentioned, it offers very comfortable and ergonomic use, and wherever you use it, you will feel that soft texture when you step on your feet.

What is more, this product has done a very good job in this regard and has satisfied its users. Moreover, these thick cushion-supported mats provide a comfortable cushion opportunity in the exercise atmosphere without causing pain in sensitive and serious points of your body, such as the spine, hips, knees, and elbows.

In addition to all these features, as mentioned above, thanks to BalanceFrom’s non-slip structure and texture, it acts as a very reliable and comfortable floor mat without causing any accident, especially in critical situations and actions such as exercise. Speaking of non-slippery function, it has also been experienced that the double-sided surface has a slightly softer texture than the other side of the non-slippery surface, which causes slippage in some cases.

Unlimited Usage Areas

Although the product was primarily launched as an exercise mat, it is a product that will function entirely based on the imagination of the user and the buyer.

But let’s talk about its use mainly in the exercise areas!

Thanks to its soft and thick texture and structure, it is in a very functional position as an exercise mat, as it will provide a soft and filled experience wherever it is assembled.

Supportively, from fitness centers to meditation and yoga centers, from action sports such as martial arts to physical education classes, it is a highly qualified product for your sports and exercise.

In addition to its sportsmanship feature, it can also be used as a pet or childcare product. For example, have you adopted a puppy? So, you may feel compelled to resort to many expensive pee pads, as you may experience some difficulties during the first pee training. However, thanks to this product, it is possible to provide a training area of ​​any size for your dog due to its easy assembly.

Or is the floor too hard for your child to create a playground at home? Or are you afraid of your kid getting hurt every time she falls? BalanceFrom interlocking tiles are very reliable as a product that will perform very strongly in such situations.

Apart from what I have mentioned, it is a kind of product that you can use in the garden and outdoor activities, as well as replace the floor of your basement.

Quality-Built & Durability

Thanks to this product, which is equipped and structured with very good materials in terms of quality, you will not soon encounter signs of bending or tearing.

What I mean by that is thanks to this product, which is produced using high-density EVA foam material, you can bend or apply pressure to your mat for the purpose and direction you want without causing any damage. In this respect, it is a durable product as well as a long-lasting product.

However, some points need to be developed in this direction. For example, it can stain easily and might have marks on the area where it is pressed because of heavy objects. Likewise, also heavy equipment leaves permanent indentations. In this context, points are deducted from this feature due to these shortcomings that need to be developed.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, this product, which takes the leading role in this product review article, which I produced and put into action to create a thought formation for you with its 4 basic usage features, is a product that performs very well and will not disappoint its users.

Specifically speaking, thanks to its soft and ergonomic structure, its use in exercise areas will become much more comfortable and useful, rather than being a pain in the ass on its own. However, unlike many mats or tiles, it offers long-term use thanks to its double-sided feature, and it is also a very versatile product.

Suppose I summarize what has been said and will be said briefly. In that case, your floor and ground will inevitably witness a quality performance, comfort, and usefulness.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Patrick – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Came exactly as advertised! Covers almost a full single car garage floor! Well worth the money.

Rick Desharnais – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Great product, durable, and clean up easily.

Father of Ten – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have a few hundred of these and the kids really beat the heck out of them. Forts, chair leg weight, spills, dirt, snow, they self heal and last for years and years. Not a single one has need to be replaced yet while being used every day all day.

Eric M Malloy – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: I hesitate to be too hard on this product. It depends on what you are going to use it for. I can tell you for weight lifting, it really isn’t very durable. It takes nothing to dent it. In the photos above you can see that after one workout there are dents from the chair legs, the bench legs and a 25lb weight. At no point was more than 200lbs put on any of those spots. Its slick!! I can slide on it in my sneakers. So be don’t expect much grip from standard sneakers.

Eric M Malloy – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: This was 144sq feet, which is exactly the amount we were looking for, for about $40 cheaper than the next cheapest thing. They seem nice and took about 15 mins to put together. We opted for 10×14 ft instead of 12×12, and it created the perfect shape for our workout area with only one tile left

Skyler Hanson – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Overall this was a good quality product. We were able to use it for our gym equipment.

Skyler Hanson – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Good material and thick enough to be a solid budget buy

Heidi – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: They weren’t cut that great, most of the connections didn’t fit great, which caused some pretty sizeable gaps.

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